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[INFO] [OOC]Great Leader & Ministry Roles

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    [INFO] [OOC]Great Leader & Ministry Roles

    This post is Out of Character in order to provide proper concise information.

    Great Leader
    Great Leaders are elected for a term and have a tremendous latitude / ability to change the direction of the great state of Oceania. Any member of OrwellRP may run for the office of Great Leader during any election. The Great Leader for the most part makes laws and policies and changes via their appointed ministers

    The following rules must be followed by Great Leaders, however, a supermajority vote of 2/3 in favor of a change may overturn the rule in favor of the proposed change. Such vote must be posted on the forum and the poll be open for at least seven days.
    • The Great Leader may not extend their own term.
    • The Great Leader may not change the overarching theme of the server, being 1984.
    • The Great Leader may dismiss or reappoint ministers at will (from the pool of registered community members)
    • The Great Leader must pass policy / changes via their Ministers. i.e Criminal Justice reform has to be done through their Minister of Love.
    • May carry a firearm on government property.
    Minister of Love
    The Minister of Love leads the Ministry of Love / the law enforcement of Oceania.
    • May write and pass laws with the approval of the Great Leader.
    • May control the personnel changes of the Ministry of Love State Police i.e HIRING FIRING PROMOTIONS & EQUIPMENT
    • May conduct investigations into any entity with the exception of the Inner Party unless the Great Leader expressly approves.
    • May determine the uniform style and cruiser paint jobs.
    • May declare a lockdown / curfew order to order civilians to stay in their residences.
    • Controls the issuing/revocation of firearms permits
    • May carry a firearm on government property.
    • May officially unperson someone in tandem with the Minister of Truth and approval of the Great Leader
    Minister of Peace
    The Minister of Peace is a role that focuses on defining Oceania's place in the world.
    • May organize resistance events
    • May determine diplomatic status (war and allies of Oceania)
    • Is responsible for providing / organizing security details to the Inner Party and the Ministry building.
    • May carry a firearm on government property.
    • May lead our community in all war like games i.e World of Warships community : Ministry of Peace [DYS]
    Minister of Plenty
    The Minister of Plenty controls the economic engine of Oceania, they deal with rations and resource management as well as wealth management. The Minister of Plenty is responsible for the budget of Oceania and setting a tax level appropriate to that level.
    • May control the tax levels and tax types i.e property, income, and wealth taxes on Oceanic citizens.
    • May control the price of goods provided by Oceania. i.e buyable items, cost of fuels, and medical expenses.
    • May control the availability of goods provided by NPC sellers. i.e the stock levels and which goods are in limitation
    • May control ration availability as well as the contents of each ration.
    • Controls state funds for banking and issuing loans to citizens
    • Controls the safe deposit boxes in the vault of the Ministry of Plenty.
    • May control the budget for Oceania and allocate funding to different departments within INGOSC.
    Minister of Truth
    The Minister of Truth controls the official party narrative for Oceania by providing the proles with updates and indoctrination to party values.
    • May officially unperson someone in tandem with the Minister of Love and approval of the Great Leader.
    • May write and publish articles for The Times (Oceania's newspaper.)
    • May create and publish propaganda to be displayed on the server (billboards and posters)
    • May choose from existing propaganda pieces to be displayed.
    • May broadcast to all citizens and control indoctrination.
    Bureaucrats are glorified administrators within the Inner Party, they serve at the pleasure of the ministers and assist them with carrying out their assignments. They must actively report to a minister or conduct party sanctioned business. Bureaucrats may be appointed by the Great Leader or by a minister.

    Elections will be held every three months [pursuant to Lady Roro's Term extension.] Any registered community member may run for the position by posting a running platform with their political policies outlined by the specified deadline for that given election. The polls will then be opened for no less than three days to allow for the community to vote. In the event there is a tie there shall be a duel to the death. Concession prior to the closing of the polls is allowed.
    Do you have what it takes to lead the great state of Oceania? Regardless big brother is watching you!

    *Please note that only player (one steam account) may be appointed to the Inner Party at a time - one player cannot hold multiple roles via self - appointment.
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