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    Lady Roro For Great Leader

    I, Lady Roro, am most pleased to announce my candidacy for Great Leader. Everyone knows that I served as Great Leader for a term on behalf of Lord Jut's request. We know what great things that I accomplished in such time and how I effectively removed Nixon S. from his role in the Inner Party. Since then I have served as EVERY ministry position with my longest time served being in the Ministry of Truth.

    My Cabinet:
    Minister of Love : Frank Nostra
    Minister of Truth : TBD
    Minister of Plenty : Lord Jut
    Minister of Peace : Karla Mari

    Some policy agenda items:
    • Legalize Marijuana
    • Tax Overhauls
    • Public Sector Recruitment Drive
    • Create a Proper Bus Service
    Vote for the lady is a vote for luck!
    - Lady Roro
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