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[Info] Reporting Staff Abuse

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    [Info] Reporting Staff Abuse

    OrwellRP handles staff abuse cases seriously. Please refer to our staff policy : 309.

    RETALIATION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, but, we understand that there may be reasons to be discreet when filling a complaint. As such there is the option to discretely file this with either Zr970 or myself (Jut.) To do so you still need to fill out the report but either forum message us or email it and we will post it under our name.

    * Required
    Originally posted by Staff Abuse Report Template
    *Staff Steam Name :
    Staff Rank : [If Known]

    *Incident Location : (Discord, Server, Forum, et cetera)
    *Incident Date/Time :
    *Your Steam Name :
    *Your Steam ID :
    *Description of events : [Describe what happened]
    Witnesses : [Players/members who may have seen it. If applicable]

    *Evidence : [Log Print outs / Screenshots]
    Information on staff Abuse Investigations.
    Information on Disciplinary Hearings
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