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Official Launch of Server Running Helix

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    Official Launch of Server Running Helix

    We have begun our official switch to helix to become a serious roleplay community. Right off the bat you will notice the stability and speed differences that helix engine offers . The next thing you will notice is the in depth features that are offered while maintaining some of the classic ideas that you may have grown used to when we were a darkrp community. To support this we even overhauled our guide to become an in character database part of the Ministry of Truth.

    Key Differences:
    • Helix is a heavily based whitelisted game mode, meaning in order to be certain jobs or spawn props, use tool gun et cetera you must be whitelisted for it. What we intend to do to is integrate a auto-whitelisting based off of user group (I.e Community Member) so that community members will still have access to everything (Minus the Inner Party which will continue to be elected )
    • Whereas before items could be bought via the F4 menu, now items will be bought via NPC venders.
    • Weapons and other entities will requiring 'crafting.' You will be able to find the resources scattered throughout the map.
    • Our current car dealer system will have to change because it doesn't natively support helix. But the advantage is the car dealer system we intend to use does offer rentals (for them poor folks.) Community members will be entitled to a cash refund on the vehicles owned OR ownership of the car or substitute vehicle in the new system.
    • Currency : WE have completely redesigned the economy and will offer the following exchange rates: $20 DarkRP:$1Helix for returning members within the first week and $100 DarkRP : $1 Helix for the second week. Please make a request to the either Zr970 myself while playing and we will make the appropriate conversions to award you your cash.
    • Arrests and detention will be completely different than the auto teleport of darkrp. As with most serious RP servers you will be transported to the Ministry of Love, processed, interviewed and placed in a detention cell for a period of time in accordance with the laws of oceania.

    Noteworthy Features :
    • Improved tax system that is entirely player controlled
    • Crafting system : This is how some stuff that can't be legally bought will be made
    • Medical reviving system (Same as before but slightly better implantation courtesy of Glorified Pig)
    • Car rentals (for those who can't afford the upfront car payment)
    • Areas will now be properly labeled such as streets
    • Mining, Oil and Meth making will remain.
    • Helix has a way better character system with skills!

    Our Promise To You:
    We will do our best to provide the most up to date information and 'how to' to help the transition go smoothly. In the coming month the guide will serve not only as an 'in character' roleplay information it will provide basic how-to's specific to helix. For ardent DarkRP supporters who do not like 'serious' RP communities I would like to state that give us a chance to show you our implementation of it.

    What Will Not Change:
    • We will not be pay to play. VIP / Community Supporter Status will still be available but will feature different benefits.
    • We will not create tedious rules. *Most* of our rules will remain the same in spirit. There will be no excessive rules.
    • We will continue to take care of our members. We love our community and our members, everything Zr970 and I do is for to provide a better community experience. We switched server host no less than five times, because we weren't satisfied with the quality of host / the connection speeds. We tremendously upgraded our website to ensure that information is always accessible to our community.
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