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Oh no here's a Jut!

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    Oh no here's a Jut!

    I am one of the founders and managers of OrwellRP I created this community with my buddy Zr970 with the hopes of creating not only a quality role-play experience but a community that isn’t defined by the usual norms of toxic drama filled gaming communities.

    I work full-time in the public safety sector and in my free time apart from gaming I enjoy hiking working on my pick up truck as well as traveling and cooking. I try hard to be active during my work week but this isn't always possible due to my long work days.

    Characters :
    Herbert Australia as a prominent older prole who is fiercely loyal to Oceania and a hard-working industrialist.
    George Hamilton is a dedicated member of the ministry of love state police who rose in the ranks quickly to be the patrol supervisor.
    Jamie Reagan isn’t curious out a party member whose only job is to dispense coffee in the ministry buildings he sometimes is seen participating in various antics
    Lord Jut is a dedicated servant of Oceania and has led Oceania from the Inner Party faithfully serving the people of Oceania.
    Ling Chang Ling son of the murdered Ling Ling, Ling Chang Ling is known for driving buses as well as causing chaos in the streets.
    Alex Velotta is a dedicated Rehabilitation Supervising Counselor known for his flamboyant streak.
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    Please no more Counselor alex please! That was worse than any long game jail sentence I have ever been through.