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[INFO] Triad & Mafia Leadership Roles

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    [INFO] Triad & Mafia Leadership Roles

    So as part of Helix, we will be expanding organized crime to be more player reflective than before. What this means essentially is that a player will be appointed or assume leadership of the two organized crime groups, the Eastasian Triad and Eurasian Mafia. They will then be given certain powers and responsibilities to determine the course of action that the organizations can pursue.

    Currently some specializations that each organization can pursue
    • Manufacturing / Distribution of methamphetamine
    • Manufacturing / Distribution of cocaine
    • Manufacturing / Distribution of marijuana
    • Smuggling of firearms into Oceania ( Ability to buy weapons at a high price via the menus )
    • Weapons crafting bonus (A discount / ability to boost their weapon production )
    We are still working out the details and would love to hear feedback or if anyone would be interested in participating in the organized crime world.